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I am a ceramic maker and designer, working from my garden studio in Lincoln. I produce a range of contemporary ceramics including candleholders, coasters, hanging decorations, letters and a new 'Mad Hatter's' range which includes jugs, cups, bowls and spoons and 'Mad March Hares' on twisted wire to hang on a cupboard or door. All are based on Lewis Carroll's 'Alice in Wonderland' and 'Through the Looking Glass'.

I work mainly in porcelain using a range of traditional techniques. All my work is handbuilt and the relief pattern in each piece is created by impressing clay into handmade plaster moulds, linocuts and Indian textile printing blocks. Other textures including shells, stones, wood and leaves are also impressed into the clay. I am also interested in exploring the use of text within my work. I use a wide range of glazes which are developed from my own recipes and experiments with glaze materials. Some items have two or three glazes applied and may be fired a number of times in order to achieve a particular effect.

My ceramics are both functional and decorative. Each piece is made entirely by hand, therefore no two pieces are exactly the same.

I have a B.A.(Hons) degree in Fine Art and have always worked within art and design, both as a lecturer and practising ceramicist. My work is for sale in galleries throughout the UK.



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